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Combat against COVID-19 in China

Jun. 02, 2020

In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 outbroke and infected lots of people in China. “ Early diagnosis, early isolation and early treatment” had been regarded as the most effective way to control the severe situation. DR image detection has important value in disease diagnosis, disease evaluation and follow-up treatment.

As the leading mobile radiography manufacturer, Browiner has provided a large number of mobile DR devices to the frontline in detecting Coronavirus disease, making its products the top choice for many hospitals.

Risk Zone:Charge Forward,Fearless of Danger

Hubei province was the outbreak center of China, accounting for over 80% of the COVID-19 cases. Thousands of new patients a day and shortage of medical materials brought unprecedented challenge for hospitals.

After receiving Hubei’s demands, Browiner quickly made emergency plans to overcome difficulties of supply chain break, understaffed workers, road closures, and etc. Browiner staff went back to work in holiday without the hesitate and fear to ensure products’ delivering to the hospital in time. Finally, with  great efforts, lots of armed police forces and hospitals in Hubei were equipped with Browiner’s mobile DR.

Combat against COVID-19 in China

(Browiner in Hubei Armed Police Forces and Hospitals)

Vulnerable Zones:Precise imaging, prompt decision

Vulnerable zones were provinces and cities with large population, high mobility, and easy spread of pandemics, such as Beijing, Chongqing, Shandong province, Henan province and so on. In these areas, isolation of one patient could avoid hundreds of infections. Therefore, accurate diagnosis, timely isolation and treatment were the key points.

Browiner made emergency deployments and quickly established special teams to enable timely supply of equipment in various places. And engineers went to the site to ensure that a smooth installation and operation.

Combat against COVID-19 in China

(Browiner’s devices and engineers all over the country)

Negligible Risk Zone: Putting Defense First

For negligible risk zone with few or zero cases, isolation and prevention of foreign population was the most effective way to avoid the rebound of COVID-19. Centralized quarantine observation points had been established throughout the country, so that the source of pandemic was strictly controlled.

Browiner’s Mobile DR devices were widely used in isolation-assisted diagnosis (such as square cabin hospitals) to help doctors detect illness as early as possible.

Combat against COVID-19 in China

(Browiner’s devices in mobile cabin hospitals)

Frontier: Solid Barrier to Guard the Border

For most Chinese borders, there aren’t natural barriers and isolation facilities. Residents nearby could contact frequently through numerous ports, which might bring a great risk of cross infection. Under the severe circumstance, prevention of imported cases had become the top priority.

Mobile DR reveals lots of advantages for borderline hospitals, such as low radiation dose and unnecessary of independent lead house. Meanwhile, the feature of portability makes home-diagnosis possible. By far, Browiner’s Mobile DR devices have been installed in border areas such as Heilongjiang province, Inner Mongolia province, Xinjiang province, Yunnan province and Tibet province, which had built a solid wall to cut off virus import.

Combat against COVID-19 in China

(Border in China )

Equipment Department:Suppling Weapon, Every Minute Counts

In the combat against COVID-19, Browiner received a burst of urgent demands in various regions and started the emergency plan immediately. Facing with insufficient factory personnel, disruption of supply chains, blocked logistics channels and other difficulties, Browiner solved the problems one by one after overnight discussions and trials. In the end, all procedures including production, logistics, installation, and training were completed more quickly than we expected. 

Combat against COVID-19 in China

(24-hours working time in Browiner factory )

Browiner provided a great deal of intelligent devices and professional services for front-line hospitals, and played an important role in the nationwide anti-COVID war. Nurtured from innovation and excel in quality, Browiner will continue its endeavor to protect life.