Ceiling-mounted Dynamic Radiography System

Ceiling-mounted Dynamic Radiography System

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Ceiling-mounted Dynamic Radiography System

PerfoX 5500 Series(Dynamic)

PerfoX 5500 is an intelligent dynamic ceiling-mounted X-ray system that utilizes the latest dynamic imaging technology to capture sharp clinical images in real-time. It enables dynamic, real-time high-quality imaging acquisition at low doses, a huge iteration of the technology.

The fully automated, suspended structure allows for auto-positioning with one click to deliver smooth operation and extraordinary medical imaging workflow.

Dynamic imaging for more possibilities

Dynamic imaging enables the real-time observation of tissues and organs in motion. This innovative technology allows the acquisition of serial images. It breaks through the limitations of static images in a real sense, enabling detailed imaging and the capture of lesion locations in real time and from multiple angles.

Dynamic PerfoX 5500

Dynamic PerfoX 5500-1

HD dynamic imaging shows more details

Coupled with the state-of-the-art dynamic flat panel detector,  PerfoX 5500 offers high-resolution images and high-acquisition frequency fluoroscopic sequences, boosting clinical analysis and diagnosis.

Dynamic PerfoX 5500-2

Intelligent movement with ease

The whole system will be ready in the desired position at the touch of a button.

Dynamic PerfoX 5500-3

Free operation as you want

Auto-positioning, auto-tracking and auto-collimator assist the user in quickly creating optimal X-ray images, leading to increased productivity.


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