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Table DR

PerfoX 3000(Easy)

The table DR offers various powerful output options to fit your clinical needs, including 20KW and 32KW. With this floor-mounted x-ray system, you can easily set up a fully digital radiology room at an affordable price. Benefits from the simple but ergonomic structure and advanced imaging chain, it is easy to use and easy to get excellent images, optimizing your daily workflow and improving productivity.

Simple operation and Maximize the Efficiency Focus on table-based DR exams.

Simple and compact structure

Featured by a compact structure, this floor-mounted X-ray system allows less time and cost

in installation even in limited spaces. And the simple component is incredibly easy to use

PerfoX 3000 Easy 1

PerfoX 3000 Easy8

A fully digital solution offers highly efficient workflow.

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  • Table DR
  • Table DR
  • Table DR


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