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Combat against COVID-19, Browiner Stands with Russia

Jul. 23, 2020

The coronavirus swept Russia in April, a time when the number of new cases kept increasing in a worrying rate, and in late July, the total confirmed cases reached an astonishing 780,000 in the country, ranking the 4th globally. Fortunately, the death rate was only 1.5% in Russia which is far below the global average figure of 4%.

In order to prevent patients' conditions from deteriorating and to increase the cure rate, learning from China’s successful experience of building the Fire God Mountain Hospital and the Thunder God Mountain Hospital, Russia also managed to build 16 specialized and sufficiently equipped hospitals to take in COVID-19 patients. 

Combat against COVID-19, Browiner Stands with Russia

(Russia hospital specialized in COVID. Source: Internet)

Timely and effective treatment of critical patients was the key at that time. In order to improve doctor’s efficiency in ICUs, Browiner together with local strategic partners provided a large number of Mobile DR devices to Russia hospitals, it enables the doctors to examine much more patients in one day.

Patients in critical condition is likely to suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome, myocardial damage, and in worst conditions even death. Traditional X-ray examination needs to be operated in a shielded room, but for serve patients treated with tracheal intubation, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or blood purification, moving out of ICUs will simply worsen their condition.

Combat against COVID-19, Browiner Stands with Russia

(ICU Patients in Russian hospitals. Source: Internet)

Bedside diagnosis was the best way to attend critical patients.

Mobile DR devices, with a compact body, are small enough to enter any narrow space and rooms. The whole process is also easier and quicker. During the whole process, the patient doesn’t need move an inch, and equipment and treatment keeps running.

With low radiation, Mobile DR device is safe, reliable, flexible and efficient. Even for frequent reexamination, Mobile DR device is capable of providing instant and clear images, so that doctors can make timely and accurate diagnosis and adjust treatment plans according to patients constantly changing conditions.

Combat against COVID-19, Browiner Stands with Russia

(Browiner DR Devices in ICUs)

Bedside X-ray photography is a vital diagnostic method in the process of clinical rescue, diagnosis and treatment. Not only in Russia, Mobile DR device has been listed as pandemic emergency supply in many countries, it has become an essential diagnostic tool for more and more medical institutions.

The “war” against COVID-19 is still going on, Browiner stands with you all the time.